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SSMMS’ (3 beams of Spun bond and 2 beams of Meltblown) or simply SMS is a 5 layered 100% Polypropylene non woven fabric manufactured using 5 beams. This fabric offers amazing benefits like fine filtration, low pressure drop, acoustic insulation and decent strength and elongation. SSMMS fabric is widely used in the hygiene industry to make disposable diapers, feminine care products, Gowns, Coveralls, Masks and Hospital Disposables etc.

This fabric is manufactured using the latest generation technology, ‘Reicofil 4s’ by Reifenhauser, Germany. Our fully automated production also line uses in-line camera testing technique for quality assurance and advanced robotics for packaging with least human contact.

We use high quality raw material from only the leading global suppliers.

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Product Description

GSM – 20 to 80

Width – 17.5 cm( for Mask), 100 cm & 160 cm( for Gowns).

Certificate – DRDO certified

Blood Filtration > 99%

Bactria Filtration > 99.5%

The outer layer is Hydrophobic spun melt followed by 2 layer of Hydrophobic spun melt.

It is 99.9% resistant to blood, sweat/ saliva. The Hydrophobic inner layer.

Keep a warm temperature at inner area for users The fabric has more than 75% breath ability and 99.5% bacteria and blood filtration efficiency.

Highly recommended  for PP kit for users who are subjected to direct interaction with infectious patients.




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