Lacoste Spun

Quick Overview

GSM – 220 +/- 8

Dia – 46″ to 48″

Yarn – Polyester Spun (PSY)

Denier – 24

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Product Description

Ideal fabric for Corporate T Shirts with polo neck this fabric is a blend of polyester filament yarn and spun yarn with proper dyeing and heat setting to produce a best cost effective T-shirt fabric. The knitting is of thick pick – Lacoste knit either single pique or double pique as per customers wish. (Generally available is Double Pique)

Comes in 46 inch to 48 inch width in tubular form with gsm 220 to 230 this fabric is applicable where ever the customer needs a decent Polo T Shirt with moderate cost. This fabric is ideal for School/House T Shirts also.


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