25 GSM Melt Blown Fabric

Quick Overview

100% Virgin Melt blow processed PP fabric used as virus/bacterial filter. It is used  extensively as middle layer in making PP Medical Mask and also in the manufacturing of N95 and Kn95 Mask.

The properties of our melt blown fabric are

Roll Width – 175 mm

Bacterial Filter > 96 to 99.5 Filtration

Feature – Eco Friendly Breathable

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Product Description

Anti bacterial and water repellent nature. Melt blown is an non woven fabric produced by blowing

polymer melt at high velocity through nozzles and there by producing an ultra fire fabric which has

high filtration efficiency and integrates functions such as bacteria filtration, poisonous gas

filtration and heat insulation. Due ti its hydrophobic nature it will not allow liquid / water

to perpetrate and is 100% non toxic and non allergic.

The properties of our melt blown fabric are

Micro Rating – 1 micron

Roll Width – 175 mm (260 mm on request)

Feature – Eco Friendly Breathable

Air permeability  at 125 Pa Head 20 Sq Cm – 40 to 45

Thickness – 0.7+/-0.3

Basic Weight – 25+/-7gsm

Roll Diameter – 500 mm

Roll Length – 840 Mtr

Roll weight – 29 to 30 Kg

Mean Pore Size -10 to 15 Microns

Colour – White

Bacterial Filter > 96 to 99.5 Filtration


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