100% cotton loop knit / French terry fabric

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Product Description

In loop knitting / French terry long, hanging loop are also knitted intermittently into the knitted fabric which gives a fleecy lock to the fabric which makes it warmer.

Our loos knit / French terry fabric is fabric coated with imported knitting machine in 100% first quality branded cotton yarn available in Tirupur market. Our lock knit has extra hairy / fleecy feel. We use the best non toxic, skin friendly chemical for dyeing and follow the result. One of the best loop knit / French terry fabric for your apparel need.

Generally we stock two variety in loop knit / French terry.

  1. Loop knit with raising

Generally in 270 – 280 gsm in 35” dia tubular

  1. Loop knit without raising

Generally in 235 – 245 gsm in 32 inch dia, tubular


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